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The Flowing Body

Feldenkrais lessons and classes to find comfortable movement options and to improve performances

with Alessandro Bombardi PhD


    Slaloming with flexion and extension

    Abstract: Toward an effortless skating style. How apparently uncorrelated movement pattern can transfer from one activity to another.


    Spine Mobility

    Abstract: A reflection on the importance of allowing each vertebra to fully contribute to the motion of the spine and possible reasons preventing some vertebrae, in particular in the thoracic area, to contribute to the movement of the spine and get fixed in an habitual pattern as consequence of a fixed emotional response.


    I am still learning

    Abstract: Francisco Goya life and works are a testament to the idea of continuous learning from his initial formal work as court painter to the intense and intimate black paintings. Unfortunately, when it comes to basic human functions like vision, learning seemed to be limited to critical periods but is it really the case?


    Is muscular strength important in headstand?

    Abstract: Feldenkrais explored headstands as a controlled fall and was successful in teaching Ben Gurion, the first Israeli prime minister to perform it. Contrary to the myth of core strength, headstand is mostly related to the correct pelvis rotation and skeletal alignment.


    Movement and attractors

    Abstract: A brief introduction to the idea of attractors forming the landscape of our movement patterns and some ideas about the relationship between voluntary and involuntary movements


    On Learning

    Abstract: Learning can be seen as creating associations to extract order from chaos. If the noise is too high it is very difficult to form reliable patterns allowing us to form functional motor patterns. The first task of a Feldenkrais practitioner is to reduce the noise level.


Shoulder Freedom

Clifton Hampden


9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

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